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Dakota and Elle Fanning at the Rodarte Spring 2012 show today

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Happy Birthday Dakota!


The Runaways

On day two of my revisiting all the things that brought me inspiration and joy this year, I have to mention what I think to be one of the best films of the year.  Performance wise, this movie has three that are reasons enough to watch and love it.  Dakota Fanning is the stand out, just as you’ve heard.  She transcends her child actor background and embodies Cherie Currie completely.  At the film’s climax she drains any happiness from her eyes and fills them with pain and eventually drugged emptiness.  From an actor of her age and experience, it’s an impressive feat.  Kristen Stewart makes one of her first great steps towards breaking out of her association to the Twilight franchise with her total, full body transformation into Joan Jett.  It was a very tricky role for her to take on, Jett is an important figure to many people.  Yet she rises to the challenge with seeming ease, taking on all the idiosyncrasies that make Joan Jett who she is that, in the end, she became almost a replica of her.  Another extremely note-worthy performance in the movie is Michael Shannon as the legendary Kim Fowley, a part that he plays as pitch perfect as only he can.  Directed by Floria Sigismondi, it has editing and script problems, but where its strengths lie are in the visuals of it.  Floria is known best for her work in music videos and that helps her in portraying the importance of the music to the lives of Joan Jett and Cherie Currie over every thing else.

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