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“I never get tired of singing the song, and the reason why I don’t get tired of singing the song is because it is a great story. I sing it to my daughter; she’ll ask me to sing it probably every other night. ‘Mommy, sing Mermaid.’

-Jodi Benson on Part of Your World





Gaga singing ‘Part Of Your World’ from The Little Mermaid in Asunción, Paraguay last night. (x)



lo más!!!!

(Source: ladyxgaga)


Dads Sing Little Mermaid of the Day: Patrick Quinn knows all the words to ”Part of Your World” — so he recruited fellow dads (and a few uncles) to sing along:

Once you have a daughter, no matter how tough, thuggish, or introverted you might be, you’re going to play princess with reckless abandon in front of others knowing that if anyone sees you they’re going to understand. Especially if that someone is another dad.



Part of Your World (Reprise)

I wanna be where the people are…

I wanna be where the people are…

part of your world…

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