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He gets it.

actually so powerful

praise this post

what doesn’t this man get right..seriously.


"I’m in my room right now facing Chris Ware’s new graphic novel, “Building Stories,” which includes a quotation from Pablo Picasso that says, “Everything you can imagine is real.” That was a weirdly empowering thought for me, because so much of my experience as a person is dreaming of what I wish everything could be. It somehow gives validity to the act of yearning for something. I’ve been obsessed with all these things about the teenage experience for years before I even was a teenager, so I had a lot of expectations about what teenage existence should be. And I think I’ve somehow found a way to consider listening to music and daydreaming as valid an experience as the real ones most of us miss out on."

Nostalgia Is Magic: Tavi Gevinson Remixes Teen Culture


Give Up Giving Up

How to fight the self-saboteur in your head
By Danielle Henderson.
Illustration by Marjainez.


Damn Girl Ya Look Good

Winter coats, worrisome stretch marks, and more talk of boobs.



Ask a Grown Man: Danny Pudi

“Dudes are dudes, especially 17-year-old dudes,” and other absolute truths.


the wonderful tavi gevinson on jimmy fallon

Wooooo! This was so much fun and my word vomit was at a minimum. Yay!


If Yankee Candle ever put out a “New Crayon” scent, I would buy it in bulk.
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