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New Photos from my Witch Cosplay Aniba (Spirited Away)

Photos & Edit by FrauDoku

The Bath House

The Bath House

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Characters of Spirited AwayKaonashi (No-Face, カオナシ)

“Like Alice in Wonderland who falls through a rabbit hole into a strange realm, or Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz who follows the yellow brick road, Chihiro, together with her parents, walks through a tunnel-like passage and across a dry river bed, into a realm characterized by disorientation, ambiguity and a sense of otherness.”

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I just finished doing a bunch of these drawings for a friend’s wedding: famous fictional couples as requested by the soon-to-be bride and groom! I wasn’t familiar with all of them firsthand, but I had a lot of fun drawing these, and I got to practice doing simplistic caricatures - and learning how to draw feathered 90s bangs. 

reblog cos Anna & Bates

Anna and Mr Bates!!! So adorable

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