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MADE UP explores social constructions of gender differences, beauty, and relationships.

View the complete set of PORTRAITS, and the rest of the EXPERIMENT created by Brenna Paxton.


photoshop before & after of stars PRAISED FOR THEIR BEAUTY.  ughhhhsflsdlekgh even they can’t win.

spread the word: the beauty standards set forth by hollywood, the fashion industry, the advertising industry, and other forms of mainstream media aren’t obtainable by anybody.

Reporter:  What made you lose 37 pounds?
Raven Symone: The pressure of society.


In an interview where someone told her that she looked beautiful she said: “I was always beautiful, now I’m just thin.”

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Rebel Wilson for Details Magazine

She’s so fab

It’s really fucked up just how much they photoshopped her to look smaller.

You think I don’t see how the hips don’t match up with the guy on the right by a fucking mile because they shrunk down her hips?

Or how the pelvis on the guy on the left looks awkwardly shaved off so they could put in the white backdrop so it’s looks like she takes up less space? I fucking notice.

And they have the audacity to think they’re doing fat girls a favor by tossing in a few paid male models to grope at her breasts so that for once a fat girl gets to feel wanted. That for once a fat girl gets to feel fuckable by the kind of men that we are told will never want us.

Fuck this photoshoot because my body doesn’t need your faux pity acceptance.

Rebel Wilson deserves so much more than this. She deserves raw, unforgiving attention because she is a raw, unforgiving person just like the rest of us.

fierce as fk ^

even rebel’s face is like FUCK YOU LOT

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