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Boyfriend (Justin Bieber Cover) - Marina & The Diamonds

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butt eyes for your butt byesssss



“Pits” a new comic by Jane Mai in the March issue of Dunk available now!!!!!

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if you’re out of town

he shampoos it!


This shall do.


boyfriend comic


So I’d like to post this though it’s old, because I’m about to start working on another series like it. I posted it about a year ago on tumbles, but when I was doing my art tag I noticed none of the images worked and it was all broken image links because I am bad at internet and also being alive.

This was my graduating thesis; a poster series. They’re each about four feet tall, except the first one which is only about three feet. There’s a lot of mistakes in this now that I notice a few years later, but I still like them. I learned so much making them! It’s supposed to be the girl in the first image imagining herself and her robot in all sorts of vintage poster inspired advertisements. All done in photoshop.

cosmo tip #268


if you’ve ever pooped you don’t get a boyfriend

Day Eight on Flickr.

Felix came to visit me and then Kevin joined me too :D

my boyfriend, i love him.
he’s sleeping now

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