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by ジョン平

so they did this to my teeth today
and I wonder if this is what it feels like to have your mouth wired shut
it took me about 5 minutes to put one side of the bands on by myself
not looking forward to doing this every day in India

Day Three Hundred and Nineteen on Flickr.

went to the orthodontist and got my second wire put in. came home and T’challa was so excited to see me that he headbutted my mouth

Day Two Hundred and Seventy One on Flickr.

in case you forgot I have braces, lmao

this is what I think I look like with braces… minus the pigtails, lmao


I begin that stage of saying “fuck it”
and eating whatever I want
no matter how much it hurts
I can’t stand not being able to eat anything anymore
I’m gonna chew this granola bar like a boss

took this on Friday on Kev’s iMac

took this on Friday on Kev’s iMac

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