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Never go on adventures without your trusty sidekick. xoxo Zoey and Jasper


 gelato pique*

Kit (by Sh▲nnon)

Untitled (by elizabeth sarah)


Draw a Dog Tuesday.


Draw a Dog Tuesday.




Street Art of the Day: Richard Jackson’s “Bad Dog”

As part of his retrospective Ain’t Painting A Pain at the Orange County Museum of Art in California, contemporary artist Richard Jackson installed a 28-foot tall Labrador Retriever on the side of the museum building that periodically emits yellow paint upon the building’s wall. The 73-year-old artist specializes in the uncomfortable, as his radical works often attempt to rattle human sensibilities. The retrospective, which also features a painting consisting of 5050 canvases, opened this week and will run through May 5th.

VALENTINE (by [otchipotchi])

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