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The skeletons out of the bag. (by Sh▲nnon)


“Dark Visions” photographed by Amber Gray for Relapse magazine


Sophie Srej in “Moi Je Joue” photographed by Sophie Delaporte for Lula #16, S/S 2013

Soo Joo Park & Sui He in CR Fashion Book #2, S/S 2013

Lauren Randolph (by laurenlemon)


from Une Journee a Paris
Miao Bin Si by Yin Chao
for Harper’s Bazaar China, October 2012


At WORN, we often find ourselves talking about photo shoots and what makes them great (or terrible). And we talk about when and whether to avoid concepts that have been done (and done and done) to death.

There is no reason on earth anyone should get away with a theme as tattered as “black-and-white retro style in Paris,” and yet…



Photographs: Dominik Tarabanski
Styling, scenography and text: Ania Sikorska
Photographer assistant: Bartek Porszke


Worn….at all times


Elle Fanning by Will Cotton for New York Magazine, March 2013



the airborne toxic event


harper’s bazaar uk march 2013 via Fashion Gone Rogue.




What is the relationship between clothing and cultural identity and how has that changed with modernization, globalization and cultural assimilation? Is it not absolutely beautiful how something with such age can still maintain relevance and importance in fashion, an industry built constant change and desire for the new?

Vogue Korea 2008 

Photographer: Kim Kyung Soo


WORN loves your style. 

Something about the billowy fabric is just mesmerizing.

Somethings are just so beautiful, you cannot articulate them.


Beautiful editorial in Harper’s Bazaar China March (Oops, wrong, it’s February’s issue) featuring pieces from our Spring/Summer 2013 collection.


by Marcos Chin (United States)
via @Curioos  @sewingsumthin

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