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Parting Shot: This Fake ‘Man Of Steel’ Ad Needs To Be Real

By Joseph Hughes

At Comic-Con in 2008, I stepped onto a hotel elevator and instantly found myself in the sky. At least, it felt that way. It was actually a very creative ad for Pixar’s Up that involved painting the inside of the elevator to look like the sky from the film, with Carl’s balloon-powered flying house in the corner, looking to be off in the distance. The ad always stuck with me, as I thought it was an imaginative — and very effective — way to promote a film, and easily the best use of advertising in an elevator I’d ever seen.

That is, until I saw this proposed ad for this summer’s Man of Steel, submitted to the Chip Shop Awards by Jon Massey and Ryan Brown. Massey and Brown take advantage of elevator design to present the classic image of Clark Kent opening his shirt to reveal the Superman logo underneath.


(Source: edwardnortons)

(Source: justgifs)

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