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Mizelle, Bayley


Mizelle, Bayley

(Source: bayleymizelle)


emmie by lori joy on Flickr.


Patrick Hickley

Complex Structures, 2012

she levitates (by bricolagelife)

Elie Saab Haute Couture Spring 2013

hanky collection (by bricolagelife)


Detail at Oscar de la Renta Spring/Summer 2013

♀ venus ♀ (by ann muddy)


This was a piece created for a college project, in which we were supposed to create a portrait of a famous person using collage. I had Jane Austen (we chose from a list given by the teacher).

I finished it today, only a few days after  200th anniversary  of Pride and Prejudice :)

I have to say I never read a Jane Austen book, but I’m really enchanted by her universe in general (love the adaptation to  movies, and series ~~lazy~~) 

Paper is fabriano, with acrylics and watercolour, some stitching, and lots of fun! :b We also had to use embossing and acetone transfer as part of the project requirement.

I might ask a friend with a decent camera to take better photos in the future.

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