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Illustration about depression for ‘Der Stern’. Three of four.


Marc Ecko Star Wars watches? Dude’s embraced his love of Star Wars across his line, so watches seem natural. And the Boba Fett watch is actually pretty rad looking. For what it’s worth, I can’t wear watches. They make my wrist all weird and ickified.

via @justinrampage:

It looks like Marc Ecko is looking to come out with a line of Star Wars watches for this “Holiday Season”. There is no real mention of a price range, but I’m sure it be a pretty penny. I want The Fett’s watch.

Also, check out the Marc Ecko line of Star Wars hoodies on sale at his shop!

Exclusive Star Wars Watches by Marc Ecko (Blog)


Yeah, the BlackBerry Watch is real and packed with all the 1987-ish glitz you’d imagine! (via Crackberry)

whaaa? cool!!!

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