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Untitled (by coolhandluke)

Datter Industries new collection (by kaye blegvad)

By Harry James (by vitostreet)

envelope (by bricolagelife)


Just a quick note to those keeping the edge, and those who might be on the edge.


the passage

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Jeff by Íris Erlings on Flickr.

Shelby (by Anthony Gerace)


A day to remember by wishcandy

It’s always nice to step a day out of your routine. Drive down a new street, go for a walk in a new park, try a new flavor of ice cream. Your life depends on it.

You have to pay the bills but don’t forget to actually go out and live your life.

Maybe for you that means actually writing the novel you’ve always dreamed of or going to a town you’ve always wanted to see. Go do it! Get it started!

(by ►i.Anton)

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