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Harley by Mindy Lee


For some reason I really, really want to redraw all of my old, horrible art. The first one I wanted to do was this old thing not meant for human eyes. Wow it just makes me shudder. But that was right when I got my very first copy of Photoshop and had no idea how to use it. But I really love drawing sailor fuku so I had a great time redesigning these.


DC Bombshells

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spinnywizards submitted:

Kris Anka’s redesign of new 52 Harley Quinn.

Love the redesign! Clearly has MUCH more character!

And it even features a corset! There’s a right and a wrong way to do functional corsets, and you’re looking at it. 


Let’s turn this city upside down.

I tried pretty hard not to get him to look like Anthony Misiano, but I have likely failed. I don’t think anyone can deny he makes an incredibly awesome Joker. If you haven’t seen him please check him out!

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Princess Harleen. Wondercon sketch


Itties from Amazing Arizona Comic Con

All Characters © Their Respective Owners

Artwork by me

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No reason other than I wanted these gifs together 

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