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Three Gables by IrenaS on Flickr.

costa nova do prado in aveiro, portugal
dacian groza, 2011

(Source: minutie)



watercolour + red pencil


This is another sneak peek of the photos I shot with Sony’s NEX-5R last week, for a total of 50 photos representing my city. The rest will be on display in the Century City store at the end of the month. 

©Lauren Randolph

she levitates (by bricolagelife)

by oscarW.


Vero Navarro

  1. Deafening Silence
  2. Dinner For Two
  3. The Fisherman’s Wife

05_Santorini_White and colors_ (by Serge THELLIER)

Town (by Lizzy Stewart)

London snow (by JackAlexanderPhotography)

Final spread (by groene_inkt)

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