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Jennette was extremely sad when we were filming this final scene. We had to stop several times because Jennette was crying, and couldn’t stop. It made us all cry. So, when you watch this scene, and you see the distressed expressions on “Sam’s” face… that’s not Jennette being Sam Puckett. That’s just Jennette. We had to give her lots of hugs to get through it. Sam’s line, “I’ll ride down with ya” – that’s the line Jennette just couldn’t say. Every time we got close to her saying that line, Jennette would start crying, and she couldn’t get the words out. We had to do 11 or 12 takes. We only got one take where she was actually able to get the words out. After Sam says “I’ll ride down with ya” – watch her as she walks out of the kitchen. When she comes around the white post, getting close to Spencer, you can see the pained sadness on JENNETTE’S face. That’s Jennette, trying hard to keep herself together, and not cry. You can see it clearly as Jerry touches her back — you can see Jennette’s very sad “trying to not cry” expression — it’s very obvious, and 100% real.


“I love when Spencer screams.”

Sam is the best!

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watching iCarly

yeah i watch it all the time, so what. this show is funnier than you are! lol

Miranda Cosgrove photoshoot in Italy

damn, those heels are hot

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his character is hilarious

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