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Jimmy writes his weekly Thank You Notes! Take a look!

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Lip Sync-Off with John Krasinski and Jimmy Fallon (x)


Egg Russian Roulette. “Here in my hand, I have one dozen eggs, 8 of them are hard boiled, 4 of them still raw. you and Tom will select one egg at a time and smash it on the top of your head, you will not know which are raw and which are hardboiled. Once you choose an egg you must smash that egg on your head, no takebacks. The first one to choose two raw eggs loses. 

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Anderson Cooper’s back tonight! Last time he was here, he and Jimmy battled it out in rock/paper/scissors…with PIE


New Thank You Notes tonight!

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Jimmy Fallon and Michelle Obama in ‘The Evolution of Mom Dancing’


Dance Party!!!

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Tavi Gevinson skipped school yesterday to be on our show, but it was totally worth it because she got to make a wish in Stevie Nicks’ dreamcatcher.

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Let Us Play With Your Look: Lindsay Lohan (11/14/12) (by latenight)
omg, guys, I’m dying

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