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Posts tagged long hair

Going out as Bardot (by Mary Jane 2040)

untitled by ►i.Anton on Flickr.

Melanie by Dvlx on Flickr.

Sayo Yoshida (吉田沙世) for Ginza, may ‘13 issue

(Source: balmaintoktzz)

darlin’ I’m damned (by Honeyuck)

let’s play pretend (by Gracieloopy)

Marta by anja louise verdugo on Flickr.

violette (by anja louise verdugo)

Powder Blue, in progress. by stasia burrington

Untitled (by PuZzleLeung)

Ghazal (by Anthony Gerace)

King Charles (by JackAlexanderPhotography)

Untitled (by PuZzleLeung)

Annabelle (by JackAlexanderPhotography)

happy summer solstice! (by contradictionofsorts)

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