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“There, there. It’ll be okay.”


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Just thought we’d let you know that, starting tonight, our mama station, WHYY, is airing a series on the “Pioneers of Television.” First episode up: Funny Ladies. It’ll feature Mindy Kaling, Cloris Leachman, Tina Fey, Joan Rivers, Susie Essman, Amy Sedaris, Sarah Silverman, Bea Arthur, Phyllis Diller and Betty White. Oh yes. Good stuff.

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Steve Carell is nice but it is scary: It has been said many times, but it is true: Steve Carell is a very nice guy. His niceness manifests itself mostly in the fact that he never complains. You could screw up a handful of takes outside in 104-degree smog-choked Panorama City heat, and Steve Carell’s final words before collapsing of heat stroke would be a friendly and hopeful “Hey, you think you have that shot yet?”

I’ve always found Steve gentlemanly and private, like a Jane Austen character. The one notable thing about Steve’s niceness is that he is also very smart, and that kind of niceness has always made me nervous. When smart people are nice, it’s always terrifying, because I know they’re taking in everything and thinking all kinds of smart and potentially judgmental things. Steve could never be as funny as he is, or as darkly observational an actor, without having an extremely acute sense of human flaws. As a result, I’m always trying to impress him, in the hope that he’ll go home and tell his wife, Nancy, “Mindy was so funny and cool on set today. She just gets it.”

Getting Steve to talk shit was one of the most difficult seven-year challenges, but I was determined to do it. A circle of actors could be in a fun, excoriating conversation about, say, Dominique Strauss-Kahn, and you’d shoot Steve an encouraging look that said, “Hey, come over here; we’ve made a space for you! We’re trashing Dominique Strauss-Kahn to build cast rapport!” and the best he might offer is “Wow. If all they say about him is true, that is nuts,” and then politely excuse himself to go to his trailer. That’s it. That’s all you’d get. Can you believe that? He just would not engage. That is some willpower there. I, on the other hand, hear someone briefly mentioning Rainn, and I’ll immediately launch into “Oh my god, Rainn’s so horrible.” But Carell is just one of those infuriating, classy Jane Austen guys.

Later I would privately theorize that he never involved himself in gossip because - and I am 99 percent sure of this - he is secretly Perez Hilton.

Mindy Kaling, Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? (And Other Concerns)   (via wherearetheturtles-wherearethey)

mindy kaling for usa weekend (x)

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Favorite ladies picspam | Mindy Kaling


Literally the Best Thing Ever: The Mindy Project

I would be content if it was just half an hour of all the characters talking over a screensaver. By Tavi.

We live in a society that puts a premium on white women with perfect noses, and right now I’m 0 for 2.

Mindy Kaling, “The Mindy Project”

i really like this line because STORY OF MY LIFE.

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