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v (by fieldguided)


Ungray (By Dustyn Lyon)


Museum der Bayerischen Könige, Hohenschwangau in Germany; designed by Architekt Aus-und Umbau, Ausstellungsgestaltung: Staab Architekten GmbH, Berlin & photographed by Marcus Ebener



“The Living Museum”


Art I Love: Portraits of Sorts and Curiosities by Cindy Kolodziejski

 The  Frank Lloyd Gallery is pleased to announce a solo exhibition by Cindy  Kolodziejski. Known for her provocative imagery on ceramic vessels,  Kolodziejski has turned to framed portraits and strange images in a  multitude of media for this show. While introducing a wide range of  human and animal imagery, the artist now mounts her work in a variety of  ornate, carved and gilded frames. Kolodziejski continues to explore  oddities, distorted views, and the fertile territory of human  interaction. Ranging from pictures of odd fish on the ceramic support of  bone china, to embroidery with silk thread on fabric, the engaging  gallery of portraits will be hung salon-style.


in the sun (by Rose La Fleur)


The Museum of Applied Arts (Magyar Iparművészeti Múzeum in Hungarian) is a museum in Budapest, Hungary.

Kathleen and Glenn by Dvlx on Flickr.

Meet the Woman Fighting for the National Women’s History Museum
If you didn’t know that there was a woman’s history museum effort, president and CEO Joan Wages would like to enlighten you, and get you involved. Founded in 1996, the NWHM is finding its own footing along the winding path toward establishing itself among the other historical institutions in our nation’s capitol. Thanks to high-profile donors and advocates such as Meryl Streep, they’re closer than ever to reaching their goal.

by icomewhenieatcaponata on Flickr.

degas (by HANNAH KESSEL)

"Two of a Kind" 1950’s (by myvintagevogue)

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