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CRATAEGUS MONOGYNA (by otchipotchi)

other forest girl (by lize meddings)

“52 Forms of Fungi” knitted sculptural work by Leigh Martin

(Source: kingpin007)


Needle felt rings by Rebecca’s Emporium, on Tumblr | Shop


Started this a few weeks ago. I’ve been anxious to work on it some more but I’ve been super super busy. I’m so excited for 2013. Big changes. I have a much more demanding schedule planned for myself. Art art art and more art!

Darling what have i done? (by wishcandy)


Secret by Hikari Shimoda



Amazonian Mushroom Eats Indestructible Plastics

The non-biodegradable polyurethane that environmentalists have been sighing over for decades may have met its match in fungus. Student researchers from Yale have discovered that Pestalotiopsis microspora (not shown) not only loves munching on the plastic that goes into everything from garden hoses to disposable bottles, but it can do it almost anywhere—even the depths of a landfill. —MN

Another reason to love fungi <3

Suvavatnet (by Studio Toffa Photography)

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