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CHOGRIN Presents the 3NES Show (by Jerrod Maruyama)


I was up late one evening last week just surfing the internet when I received a message from a follower suggesting I watch PJ, Tiny Planet Explorer by PJ Liguori. As pictured, I clearly enjoyed it and found inspiration in the two minutes and ten seconds it lasted. It had me wonder what ten items I’d pack if I moved to another planet and I thought the ten things he packed said a lot about his character. So, here I am after creating a mock film poster for this short film that has even won an award.

I was curious and looked through and watched like 3-5 of his other videos (I know one was Office Space and another was Lullaby Box) and his creativity is quite contagious. I was in a bit of a slump last week just exhausted from my various jobs and I’m happy I was able to find the energy to make this. He’s quite a story teller and I think he’s one of those creatives everyone would love to collaborate with (I certainly would at least in terms of comics or other). It also opened my eyes to the fact that YouTube is entirely a separate culture that I had zero knowledge of until now.

Ink with digital media.

DISCLAIMER: I have zero connection to PJ Liguori and he did not partake in the creation of this mock film poster. This is purely inspired.



Raised by Nintendo handhelds

This is what we’re about — credit to illustrator/comic maker Afonso Ferreira for capturing the maturation of the portable gamer (and Mario’s growing annoyance as the years go by).

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The Nintendo handheld consoles will always be my favorite ones.

My gaming experience was similar— I haven’t gotten around to playing much Metroid, Star Fox, or Kid Icarus, but I have fond memories of Yoshi, Link, Kirby, Mario, and Pikachu on my GBC, GBA, and DS.


mushroom princess


mushroom princess


I like gameboy!


This limited edition beauty just landed in Japan

If you were one of the lucky few people who won in Japan’s raffle for a chance to buy the “Lizardon Edition 3DS LL” (or Charizard Edition 3DS XL), you would have taken this thing home yesterday. But you’re probably not, so you’ll just have to settle for admiring these photos we’ve posted from people bragging about it online.

Unless Nintendo decides to bring it to Europe (and not to North America, like the Pikachu 3DS XL). Or you throw down big bucks to import one from a Japanese auction.

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VIA @chicken_nan, @teikainn


The first and last Nintendo Power covers, the latter issue coming out next month. Perfect homage.

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piece for fangamer VERSUS attract mode!!
the theme is VERSUS
its there


piece for fangamer VERSUS attract mode!!

the theme is VERSUS

its there


Game Jinn.


Working Nintendo Coffee Table Controller

by Charles Lushear



My Coffee Mug - by Tiago Goncalves

Artist’s note: The goal of this project was to customize a standard mug to our liking, making it our own. I play and love videogames and everything related to it since I was a kid. That concept resulted in this simple, Gameboy inspired mug.


Nintendo Controller Evolution.
Video by Chris Koelsch.
GIF by Dotcore.

(Source: dotcore)


I want these as prints at my library.  Gaming and vintage books in one? Yes please!


Fort Awesome Studios took a large group of their favorite gaming characters and illustrated them over vintage book pages. You can grab up 5” x 7” prints at their online Etsy store. Certain pieces are available in discounted sets.

Video Game Collection by Fort Awesome Studios (Facebook)



by Paul Alp.

posted by dp{i}

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