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happy frickin holidays, tumblr!
I wanted to show this off as soon as it was finished, but I thought I’d better hold out until christmas.

this year I had the pleasure of making holiday cards for a few people, one of them being the lovely Adam Muto. drawing adventure time stuff for money was pretty nice.

Guys look how good this is. My girlfriend made this. I am jealous of her abilities.


In time, after being perched atop their mother’s feet for a thousand paces, like a child learning to dance on her mother’s shoes, the chick takes its first steps alone.

Oh my god, look at the lil guy in the 4th gif. He’s all, “I did it!”

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Penguin Cam: Watch it Live at 

watching this all night!

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Day 102: FLY (by ILoveDoodle)


Rockhopper penguins take a shower underneath a freshwater spring on Saunders Island in the Falkland Islands…

Pictures of the day: 1 February 2011 - Telegraph


Freeze Outby the Red Nose Studio


Freeze Out
by the Red Nose Studio

I hit the jackpot!

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