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Daisy Duck makes herself irresistible - “Donald’s Diary” (1954)


my sketchbook page of some sweet perfume people. 


Paper Passion
by Gerhard Steidl, Geza Schoen
with packaging by Karl Lagerfeld and Steidl

objeleri. by miyawichawa on Flickr.

Film Trésor Midnight Rose avec Emma Watson (by Lancomeworldwide)

this ad is adorable!

Day Twelve on Flickr.

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So when I went christmas shopping with my mom, we bought a Gwen Stefani perfume for my younger cousin. This weird teenage boy with glasses at the register kept telling us how he had nightmares because of the model on the box (pictured above), it was really awkward but also amusing.

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My mom bought me LOVE (different outfit) but I really love the way G smells
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