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last week of training and some things are getting easier
but i’m still pretty nervous during the day
and i do forget to ask certain things or remember details
i really need to work on talking on the phone/typing at the same time
they want to get me certified on thursday so i can officially start on friday but i don’t even know if i’ll be ready for that when the time comes. i wish training was a little bit longer.

omfg I got a job, guys!!!!

I just got my very first purchase on Etsy!

i had a mini anxiety attack over a box today, lmao.
yes, that’s right a box.

more specifically a box that holds an item that I sold on ebay. so yeah, i’m already trying to do everything perfectly cause someone besides me is receiving this thing.

first i drop the empty boxes down the stairs.
then i taped the wrong label to the box.
then i forgot i needed bubble wrap so i had to go back out

the box is the kind with the sticky strip on the flap. well, i peeled the paper off and the fan blew it into my face so i was distracted for a second and now the flap is stuck on all crooked T-T and i told Kevin the crooked flap makes me want to kill myself. this is my life.

boohoo, someone call the wambulance

got hit by the depression bus today
feeling really pathetic and tired and icky
been thinking about making jewelry out of perler beads
and maybe selling them? but idk i suck at everything
i’m breaking out really bad this month
i usually get one or two pms pimples
but i just found a fifth one this morning
so basically i feel super self conscious about everything

the past

someone posted a pic of themselves from when they were a teenager and i realized that i don’t really have any. i had a few selfies on photobucket but i’ve changed my email address several times since then and don’t remember which i used for it. so i guess those are gone forever.

then i made the mistake of going to myspace to see if i had any from before college still on there and i got sucked into reading old messages that always leads into all the sad break-up messages from freshman year of college. a part of me wants to delete it but a part of me thinks of myself in twenty years wanting to look back at it for a laugh or just to reminisce. then again, maybe i just hate myself and subconsciously keep it around to remind myself that i broke someone’s heart once. it was my first and it was messy. but i could also look at it like, i was brave enough to end an unhealthy relationship. i think that’s the real reason. sometimes i need to remind myself that i’ve actually done something for myself.

so anyway, here’s a classic:

and a group shot:

coincidentally, the people in the photos are the only people i still talk to/occasionally see from high school

i miss my boyfriend
it’s gonna be two weeks that i haven’t seen him
sucks cause he’s so close but nope can’t see him
at least i have next weekend
but we’ll be moving his stuff into his apt all weekend
so not really much time to just enjoy each other’s company
can’t decide if japan for a year will be harder or the same
might hurt less to be farther away but also won’t see him as much
idk it’s late and i’m a sad poop and rambling

my henna is fading but i think it still looks cool. also, I really want to find a nail polish that matches the henna on my nails, haha

so they did this to my teeth today
and I wonder if this is what it feels like to have your mouth wired shut
it took me about 5 minutes to put one side of the bands on by myself
not looking forward to doing this every day in India

untitled by Silent Stutter on Flickr.

untitled by Silent Stutter on Flickr.

untitled by Silent Stutter on Flickr.

untitled by Silent Stutter on Flickr.

untitled by Silent Stutter on Flickr.

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