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Kit (by Shâ–²nnon)

BE MERRY (by [otchipotchi])

SLEEPING (by [otchipotchi])

peek-a-bun (by emibot)



Trotter is not amused

Portraits of Trotter the French Bulldog Modeling Various Outfits on Instagram

I find that this is an Instagram worth seeing. :))

untitled by bawkbawk on Flickr.

GOOD MORNING (by [otchipotchi])

Day Three Hundred and Sixty Four on Flickr.

a beautiful summer day where I played fetch with Luna and we end the night with friends gathered around a fire pit

Day Three Hundred and Sixty Three on Flickr.

thunderstorms all day so no walk for T’challa

Day Three Hundred and Forty Five on Flickr.

visited my cousin and spent some time with her cute dogs

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