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The Cycle of Abuse Illustrated Through Single Photos and Multiple Models

Statistics show that 70% of people who are abused as children will grow up into adults who will in turn abuse children. A recent awareness ad campaign by Mexican organization Save the Children shared this fact in single photographs that are both creative and difficult to stomach.The advertisements were originally published back in May 2012, and were created by Mexican agency Y&R and photographer Ale Burset.

Each one uses five models showing one individual at different stages of life. In the foreground, the individual is experiencing abuse as a child. Older versions of the abused child grow up as they walk across the background of the frame, and turn into the original abuser by the time they walk a full circle.

“70% of abused children turn into abusive adults. Donate at,” the advertisements say.


Skinny dipping with Caroline Mackintosh


Underwater photography by Elena Kalis.


Story titles (made of objects) used as chapter openings in Selections from Grimm’s Fairy Tales by Elisabeth Warren


Private Moon by Leonid Tishkov

Love this concept every time !! 

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Can you believe that Nadege Meriau created the alien landscapes above using nothing but food from the supermarket? 

Olivier Richon, Head of Photography at the Royal College of Art sums it up best:

‘If in fairy tales, houses are made of sweets, Nadege Meriau does the reverse, transforming the edible into a dwelling, making architectures of fibers, vegetables and porous matter.’

Photographer Uses Food to Craft Otherworldly Structures

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Today we offer a series of Michael Rougier’s powerful photographs — none of which ever ran in LIFE magazine — chronicling the conditions endured by migrant workers and their families across the United States in the 1950s.

(Michael Rougier—Time & Life Pictures/Getty Images)


Matthew Stone - The Creator of Devotion (2010)

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Tim Mantoani - Behind Photographs (2012) 

Famous photographers posing with their most iconic photographs

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Photographer’s girlfriend leads him around the world

This is a good idea for so many reasons


Brooklyn, New York - October 29, 2012

The incredible work of Chris Ozer during Hurricane Sandy. 



Germany, Cologne based photographer Florian Mueller - “The sky is changing. Constantly. As if it was never satisfied with it’s design, it’s color, the shape and texture of the clouds. Like a writer who is never satisfied with his sentences, words and ideas. Throwing away more and more crumpled paper, building a pile of lost and littered ideas. But sometimes it is worth to break out of this circle and pause for a moment, to dwell and reflect on rejected plans to build something new.”

Dolls and Frills by Kaila

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