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laGuarimba. (by Adara .)


Baby Makin’ Music

For the Gallery 1988 Judd Apatow Tribute Show - Opening from 4th December. 24” x 18” 3-colour screen print on cream 350gsm stock. Signed, numbered edition of 50.


So I’d like to post this though it’s old, because I’m about to start working on another series like it. I posted it about a year ago on tumbles, but when I was doing my art tag I noticed none of the images worked and it was all broken image links because I am bad at internet and also being alive.

This was my graduating thesis; a poster series. They’re each about four feet tall, except the first one which is only about three feet. There’s a lot of mistakes in this now that I notice a few years later, but I still like them. I learned so much making them! It’s supposed to be the girl in the first image imagining herself and her robot in all sorts of vintage poster inspired advertisements. All done in photoshop.


exhibition poster



still young - poster



Dirt Poster is a Design and Graphic-Design work made by Roland Reiner Tiangco, a new graduate of a Design School, living in New York. While handling the poster, your hands starts to get dirty, and this dirt allows you to see what’s the poster is all about. Check out also the artist’s Website.

Hunting by ILoveDoodle on Flickr.

Minimalist Posters Celebrating Six Pioneering Women in Science

"Despite what Einstein may have advised a little girl looking to be a scientist but fearing her gender, an enormously important — and heartbreaking — new study has demonstrated that there is, indeed, a tangible, persistent gender bias in science. To blame it all on some great conspiracy by The Man would be, of course, foolish and simplistic — it’s a complex, systemic issue, a significant factor in which is the tragically low visibility of female scientists. Chipping away at a tiny but inspired corner of the problem is cryptically named designer Hydrogene with this fantastic posters series honoring six pioneering women in science — radioactivity researcher Marie Curie (who was not only the first woman to win a Nobel Prize but also the first person to win two Nobel Prizes, and in two different sciences at that, chemistry and physics), physicist and astronaut Sally Ride (the youngest American astronaut and first American woman in space), legendary primatologist Jane Goodall, marine biologist Rachel Carson (whose work was critical in sparking the global environmental movement), British biophysicist Rosalind Franklin (who helped discover and understand the structure of DNA), and computer scientist Grace Hopper (who was instrumental in developing the first computer and first computer programming language).”
"We Are The Universe" by The Imaginary Company

(Source: andreakalfas)

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