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An inky doodle from my sketchbook of a sad space queen


The apocalypse is visted upon her every weekend, over and over again.


The Red Crowned

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I painted this for the Clockwork Ballroom (topic #1 was Alter Ego) :)


Topic 1: 31st March: Alter Ego

by Victoria Maderna

‘Here’s my image for the first topic :) It’s acrylic gouache on paper, and it depicts my kingdom of terror and uhm cake.

I’m a full time freelance illustrator, devourer of comics and books, and occasional plushie sewer. You can find some of my stuff on my website or on my blog or tumblr.  ‘

L train singalong. (by NRoberson86)

"Around 3 AM, Aug. 12, 2012, this happened on the Manhattan bound L train leaving Bedford Ave"


how to walk like a queen [x]

Diamond Jubilee by fatheed on Flickr.

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When you sing Bohemian Rhapsody and don’t miss a single word.

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#152 Bohemian Rhapsody - Queen

 Probably one of the greatest songs ever written. You’ll probably remember it as that part in Wayne’s World where they’re all in the car singing. Such a good song man! It’s like an ultimate crescendo. Starts off all slow, soft, quiet, classic Queen. Then three minutes in it gets a little faster, a little weirder and then BAM! Rock and roll is born. It’s kinda like if you converted the Sistine chapel into music this is what it would sound like. I swear it’s a masterpiece of sound. Oh and the lyrics are pretty intense too.


Queen. Lego Rock Band. There’s nothing else left to say, is there?

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