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My two (two!) pieces for the "Magical Girl Heroines: Sailor Moon and Sailor Senshi"gallery show, happening THIS SATURDAY (that’s tomorrow!) at Q-Pop in lovely downtown Los Angeles! The art i’ve already seen for this show looks AMAZING and i’m super pumped to be part of it along with many talented pals and talented potential-future-pals.

I love this style! <333
And I love seeing post-battle beat-up tired Sailors. XD


sailor swap!

a print i made for con season (i’ll be at animinneapolis, a-kon, anime expo, and san japan), which will be available in my store within the next month or so!





Hey guys, I know this is quite overdue, but there is now a free PDF download available of MOON POWER! Sorry it took me so long to get around to, but now it is here. It’s free and in my Gumroad shop right now, alongside some of my comics which are ALSO free!

The zine features stunning art by over 40 illustrators such as Barbara Tarr, Andrea Kalfas, Kali Ciesemier, Natasha Allegri, Joanna Krotka, Sloane Leong, Aleks Sennwald and so many other super amazing individuals.

I hope y’all will reblog and share this, as I know there are so many people that wanted to get the zine and were unable to. It is seriously beautiful, all the work is just incredible.

Once again, thanks for your support. <3

Woooo guys I finally got it up, haha. Please go grab the zine if you haven’t seen it, it is crazy beautiful. (And you can sample my comics as well if you feel so inclined WINK)

Reminding y’all this FREE PDF download version is available!


Inspired by the Sailor Moon show coming up at Q-pop!  So i drew a bit of fanart : >


Friends Forever! My piece for the Qpop shop Sailor Moon Show this weekend! 


Friends Forever! My piece for the Qpop shop Sailor Moon Show this weekend! 


I needed to warm myself back up after spending the holiday away from the studio ^^ 

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And then sometimes, my love for Sailor Moon runneth over and spills online from my social networking website accounts….


actual flawless queen tsukino usagi

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