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I remember giggling like a drunken possum at this scene when I was 14. I knew what they were talking about! #lesbians

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I’d always imagined Michiru and Haruka’s first kiss to be like this, just before a confrontation with the Enemy. 

Michiru would pull Haruka close and plant a gentle, playful kiss.

“Just for luck,” she would say.


So, this is my contribution to Jenn Woodall’s Sailor Moon zine, Moon Power!
When I first saw Sailor Moon in 5th grade, I was CONVINCED that I would transform into Sailor Moon when I turned 14.
That was before I saw any of the episodes with Sailor Uranus, though. Total badass. If I could choose any of the Sailor Scouts to be my spirit animal/paragon/motorcycle chauffeur, it would definitely be her.

In the course of drawing this and looking up reference, I have decided that this will not be the last time you see me draw motorcycles. (she’s riding a vintage Ducati) Surprisingly fun!


Okay so I’ve been hard at work on these! A contribution for the upcoming MOON POWER art zine! Originally I had thought to do a comic but then I was like man, I am on a roll with these tattoo thingies and there’s no way I can’t rep Neptune and Uranus, my 12-year-old OTP. Cousins, my ass!

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