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these should be plastered all over every high school and college campus

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Fuck Twilight. I feel sick. 

[tw: sexual assault]

I’ve never read more than one page of Twilight but I’ve heard time and time again about it romanticizing an abusive relationship. And wow, these excerpts are completely sickening. I hope if they ever teach Twilight in schools, which i hope they never do, but if they were going to, this is a perfect way to start a conversation about rape culture and consent

Though she be but little she is fierce.: IMO you know when it is ok to say "but, but, men can be sexually assualted too!" during a conversation about how... 


Via. Blaming the (female) victim by talking about clothing choices, intoxicity levels, promiscuity etc etc.

When someone explicitly states that men cannot be sexually assaulted. When someone says men are not ever sexually assualted. Then yes, by all means, say something.

As someone who was…

That man was very strong. I wasn’t kissing him. He was kissing me.

It seems pretty clear, then, that what George had committed was sexual assault. Yet, in an amazing feat of willful blindness, none of the articles comment on this, even as they reproduce Greta’s words for us. Without a single acknowledgement of the problematic nature of the photo that her comments reveal, they continue to talk about the picture in a whimsical, reverent manner, “still mesmerized by his timeless kiss.” George’s actions are romanticized and glorified; it is almost as if Greta had never spoken.

Some talk of The Kissing Sailor photo in light of it being discovered of who the couple are.

“Historic” as it is, to be honest I always found something a bit gross about the photo. It barely looks like an embrace but more of a grip, and that guy laughing to the left of the frame always creeped me out. I suppose there will be those that argue against the revisionist talk but it doesn’t bother me.

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Yeah. It doesn’t take a Who Weekly body language expert to look straight at her clenched fist and think “Hmm, not all that romantic, is it?”

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I will reblog the truth of this photo every single time that I see it. Because the fact that the woman is EXPLICIT in her description of what actually happened, it is still revered as an iconic symbol of American romance. 

If you want an example of misogyny and rape culture—you’re looking at it.

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*Trigger warning for sexual assault, child abuse, secondary trauma*



 I came across “Project Unbreakable” when it started in October 2011. it is a simple and powerful project, where survivors of sexual assault hold a poster with a quote from their attacker (and/or reactions from family/friends/judicial system). *Trigger warning for sexual assault, child abuse, secondary trauma*

The founder of the project, Grace Brown, had to hire interns to handle the volume of survivors coming forward with stories across the United States. The fact that “Project Unbreakable” has taken off is both a testament to the strength of survivors and evidence of the pervasiveness of sexual violence.

We need to challenge how shockingly commonplace sexual domination is in our culture.

We need to stop excusing domination, aggression, and sexual entitlement as just part of “boys being boys”.

We need to celebrate boys and men who respect women and go against the grain of “traditional” masculinity.

We need to hear these survivor stories and make them louder and more powerful than the victim-blaming narratives, which persistently shame victims into isolated silence and encourage perpetrators to carry on without consequence.

The first one just broke my heart.

this is intense

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Project Unbreakable



Trigger Warning for sexual assault and general casual systematized asshole misogyny

The first poem is funny and great but at 2:50 is when she starts the poem she performed at SlutWalk that left me shaky and spacy and crying.

More fun beer vs. women jokes IN POSTER FORM can be found here.

“12. You always know you’re the first one to pop a beer.” goes out to the conversation I got to have this morning about “hur hurr wouldn’t it be great to have sex with an 18 year old because hurr they are technically legal but hurr hur hurr they are probably still virgins and you know how great virgins are because they are so tight just like all vaginas and women should be right right right?” which very briefly turned into “Sorry if I hurt your feelings I hope you’re okay it’s just something stupid I’ve picked up it doesn’t really matter” but quickly escalated into “How dare you suggest that I’m a part of ANYTHING you were protesting against yesterday I’m not a part of rape culture and I obviously didn’t mean it against women I just meant that it would be cool it’s just like x and y and z and I can’t believe you would make me feel bad about this I wish you would just edit your feelings about what I said earlier.

Yeah, fuck you.

It sucks coming back to real life sometimes.

god this is amazing

oh my god

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