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By KRSN (by vitostreet)


I hate when this happens!!

tell me where this is so I can get soda for ONE dollar!! LOL!

Coca Cola by Mijonju on Flickr.

Day One Hundred and Ninety One on Flickr.

from Newark, NJ to Orlando, FL


Coca-Cola: Space Invaders Edition - by Erin McGuire

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(Source: it8bit)


Devon from @DrPepper just dropped off a case of Dr. Pepper Heritage—the limited edition made-with-real-sugar Dr. Pepper they just released for their 125th (!!!!) anniversary—here at Marvel HQ. Marvel VP Tom Brevoort tweeted about Heritage yesterday, likening it to Pepsi Throwback, so I asked Dr. Pepper if they’d send some over. Boom. We got some! Thanks, Dr. Pepper!

I haven’t tried it yet, but Tom says it’s “smooth.” I’m gonna share with my wife who’s a big Dr. Pepper fan.

More Dr. Pepper awesomeness: the “Iron Man 2” Dr. Pepper cans.

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