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What if superheroes fought our wars for us?

Superheroes in War

Images by Agan Harahap

Stop the House from blocking abortion access for raped soldiers. 

If a female employee of the U.S. State Department is raped while serving abroad in Afghanistan, her federal health plan will pay for an abortion should she become pregnant. However if a woman serving abroad as a member of the U.S. military is raped, her military health plan will NOT provide for an abortion if she becomes pregnant as a result of that violent and reprehensible act.

A handful of Republicans in the Senate realized that protecting rape survivors is not a partisan issue and joined Democrats to provide relief to women in our armed services. But the House will not join them in passing this much needed bill unless we force them to take action.


See the winning photographs from the 2012 World Press Photo of the Year awards
For photojournalists it is the creme de la creme—an award they all secretly, or publicly covet. And, invariably, it comes with huge personal risk, because following the news often means placing oneself in harms way. Here are some of the winning pictures, more at the link. (Photos: New York Times/Corbis/Reuters)

Thursday, April 30, 2009: The last thing one expects to see in dusty Kandahar province is a turquoise-coloured lake. But there it is, northeast of Kandahar city, in Arghandab district. It’s not a natural body of water; rather, it’s the result of a dam and irrigation network built decades ago by American aid workers.

The entire system fell into disrepair during the Soviet occupation and the subsequent civil war, and under the Taiban regime.  The Government of Canada pledged to fix it, and directed $50-million to the project. Work was just starting when I visited with a group of Canadian soldiers. The scenery was spectacular. Below the dam was a small pine forest that had somehow survived the axe. And in that forest sat an empty building that had once been used as a honeymooner’s hotel, back in the day when people could safely travel the 30 kilometres to the site from Kandahar city.

Photo/Text: Brian Hutchinson, National Post

Source: National Post - Scenes from our war, The Long Road

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