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Here’s my latest creation - a hand-dyed studded Charlotte vest! Charlotte the Sweets Witch is my favourite witch from Madoka, while Mami *was* my favourite character. So after episode 3 I had some serious conflicting feelings. もぐもぐ (mogu mogu) is, of course, munch munch on poor Mami-san. 

I made it by cutting off the sleeves from a denim jacket I got at Vinnie’s, bleaching and dying it flamingo pink (my first time bleaching…it went okay), then filling it with gold and pink spikes. Then I just painted on Charlotte’s cute widdle Murakami-esque face on with acrylic mixed with a fabric medium. Next will be a super kawaii badass bear for a kickass lolita friend.


Harajuku boy.


One of three fashion warrior ladies for my advance illustration class. I was a little bit nervous that I had lost touch with my illustration / drawing skills, but I think it turned out pretty good. Two more to go!

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