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Dollar Bills by Stephen Doyle 

Hmmm…another interesting take, or re-take on currency!


John Galliano Fall 2009 Ready to Wear by Markus Bollingmo

(Source: thedeity)



Germany, Cologne based photographer Florian Mueller - “The sky is changing. Constantly. As if it was never satisfied with it’s design, it’s color, the shape and texture of the clouds. Like a writer who is never satisfied with his sentences, words and ideas. Throwing away more and more crumpled paper, building a pile of lost and littered ideas. But sometimes it is worth to break out of this circle and pause for a moment, to dwell and reflect on rejected plans to build something new.”


outgrown overgrown

by *manda on Flickr.

Fig, 78 (by Anthony Gerace)

Fig. 54 (by Anthony Gerace)

Day Three Hundred and Sixty Two on Flickr.

It’s the second day of summer and the temperature isn’t dropping anytime soon. Just taking the dog for a walk is a brutal trek.

(by ►i.Anton)

Between the lines (by heiko_w)

Profound Sorrow by Proleshi on Flickr.

Woodpecker Notebook | Design Milk
“Feeling like trees had lost their identity somewhere along the way to being paper, Tale Co., Ltd., decided to bring back the look of trees since paper, is in fact, made from trees. Their Woodpecker notebooks come in five tree versions and feature textured bark covers that have a wooden texture you can feel. The pages have the grain and knots of that particular tree species.”

(by ►i.Anton)

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