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Letter A

Started an alphabet book of feelings. Enjoy.


Test Number Three.

 Necropolis will launch at the end of August as an ongoing weekly webcomic.  Stay tuned!

-Jake Wyatt


I’ll be selling prints of this at FanExpo Vancouver this weekend, April 20-21 for only 10$!


Space Paladin prints go up for sale next Sunday, 4/21. I’m going to keep orders open for a week, and print as many as people want, then close the edition. I’m partnering up with INPRNT, who I’ve worked with for a long time. Heavy-duty cotton paper, great ink quality.

18x24” for $50, 12x18” for $30, signed, numbered, plus a little doodle or something. I still have to calculate shipping. I’ll post some reminders throughout the week.



Maya made an awesome warrior Zelda design and the Wind Waker art style is my absolute fave so I had to combine them!! I love how Maya’s interpretation allows Zelda to remain a feminine princess while also being a hero/adventurer/warrior.



— small sketch — by irorico


Sometimes women warriors have lives outside of slaying beasts and decimating armies! Not often, though. 

This is one of two pieces I have in the WOMEN WARRIORS ZINE that I have been putting together along with my two mighty collaborators Abby Boeh and Julia Scott! This FANTASTIC BEAST OF A ZINE will be debuting at MoCCA and include the artwork of over 25 truly excellent illustrators, so please check it out come April 6th & 7th in NYC!

Making a big zine like this has been a truly amazing experience. I’m blown away by the amount of interest in the project, but above all, I’m truly humbled by the variety and sheer talent of everyone who’s contributed. 


Skills of a Great Warrior


Support your loved ones


Princess Zahara:

A fearless princess, destined to inherit rule of the Five Kingdoms.

A gifted warrior and a tech savvy teen, to her, formalities have always been in the way of getting things done. Still she has a bit more trouble relating to common people than she’d like to admit, but she hopes to soon be able to see her nation first hand instead of from behind the palace walls.

She’s equipped with an ancient familial magic staff and a multipurpose tool strapped to her wrist that has gotten her in and out of a lot of trouble.

Responsible and brave, she hopes to one day be a great queen, and command the same presence as her mother..

Today, I realized the need to make Spider Stories a reality is stronger, especially after this one Kickstarter story about a stereotypical comic started popping up. I’d rather see positive storytelling rather than more tales of people ignorant of a culture willing to mock it for profit. 

Make the Spider Stories animated film a reality. The brothers Agbaje need your support in these last two weeks.  


The Great Warrior’s Scars


So psyched to be in the Lady Knights//Women Warriors zine, all the contributions look RAD. Thanks to Abby, Julia, and Roxie for putting it all together—they’ll be selling at MoCCA!

I’ve always had a thing for mysterious heroes, and my recent love affair with motorcycle ladies continues. (this one is a bosozoku bike!) When I was asked to be in the zine, I was already thinking about making a book of my own women warriors…I’m even more excited now, so we’ll see!


X  Fiona Staples cover from Gail Simone’s new ‘Red Sonja’ series


How Great Warrior prepares for Battle!

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